Here are dates and information for upcoming events. (They also appear on the studio calendar at  Please text or call if you have any questions. Most items are for regular piano students.  Let's Play Music students will be mentioned specifically when applicable.
Week of June 21 - New Theory Strips.  The goal is 1 page a day.  Just one a day! They get paid $1 (Bonnie Buck) per page plus a treat from the Perfect Lesson jar for completing all 7 in the week. Bonus $50 for meeting monthly goals.
Week of June 21 - Ensemble Pieces will be assigned.  Playing in groups helps students develop accompaniment skills.  Ensembles will perform at the Fair August 21st @ 2:00. 
Week of June 28th   New “Pink” sheets– which will be Blue this year, will be added to their binder. Notice the items being added to the top portion of their assignment sheet each week. Students will be composing a practice piece using all the elements from their Pink sheet.  You should be hearing this daily smiley
July 1st - Annual Material fee $25 per child is due. It will be included with July auto tuition.
July 6 & 8 - 5 piano teams begin practicing. JaDa - Tuesdays at noon; Viva - Thursdays at 8:00 a.m.; Aragonaise Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.
Tuition for 5 Piano team will be $150 for the 8 month season.  Due in July. There will be a $25 entrance fee for the Rocky Mountain 5 Piano Team Festival which will be February 19th.

August 1st (or sooner) Order Let's Play Music (LPM) materials for Fall Red Balloons (4-6 year olds) and Brown Teddy Bears (2-4 year olds)   My teacher number is 7890.
August 5th @ 6:00 p.m.  Hymn Arrangement Recital.  North Stake Center.  All piano students should be working on an arrangement of their choice. 
August 21st @ 2:00 p.m.  Franklin County Fair.  Piano & Bridge students will perform ensembles.
August 16th Let’s Play Music Year End Program.  Held on the Patio!  7:00 pm so it will be a bit cooler and a little bit more shade.  We have 12 graduating Orange Roots student who will be performing their own compositions.  Our Green Turtles, Black Spiders, Presto and Bridge students will also be performing.
August 23 to Sept 6 - Summer Break
September 7th – Fall schedule begins for piano and Presto students.
September 7th - LPM Parent Orientation for Red Balloons 4:00, Green/Yellow Arrows 4:45, and new Bridge (Orange graduates)  5:30.
September 13-14th - LPM classes start.  End of semester will be December 20-21st .
Summer Organ lesson sign-ups on website –
  • There is no charge for these lessons. 
  • Please register siblings separately.
  • There can only be 3 students at each lesson. 
  • Each student will take a turn being the organist, the chorister and the congregation (piano).  Students signing up must be able to play from the Hymns Made Easy or regular hymn book with the metronome and be tall enough to reach the foot pedals on the organ.
  • Please sign up for only one or two lessons at a time to allow other students the opportunity.

Optional Classes/Teams and Tuition rates:
  • Non-Compete Ensemble (Practices once a month on Masterclass week. Monster Concert style duets/trios for accompaniment and social skills. Tuition $50 for season
  • 5 Piano Competition Team.  Competition in Ogden February 22nd.  $150 tuition for season (Juy through Feb) + $25 entry fee.
  • Mommy and Me classes (ages newborn to 3 years - $25 per month)
  • Sound Beginnings - 3rd year olds - $35.00 per month ($140 per semester)
  • 1st Year = Red Balloons and Blue Bugs - $45 per month ($180 per semester)
  • 2nd Year = Green Turtles and Yellow Arrows - $50 per month ($200 per semester)
  • 3rd Year = Purple Magic and Orange Roots - $55 per month ($220 per semester)
  • Bridge for LPM graduates - 1 hour per week - $75 per month
  • Presto - Let's Play Music accelerated for older beginners - ages 8-12 - $90 per month 1 hour weekly
  • Piano Tuition $90 per month - 1 hour per week.  Includes Organ, Masterclasses, Theory, Sight Reading, Ear       Training, Composition, Ensembles, Performance Prep, Recitals

Organ Classes.  YOU MUST REGISTER THEM ON THE WEBSITE CALENDAR. There can only be 3 students per time slot.  We rotate between Organ, Piano (congregation) and Chorister. Students must be able to play from the Hymns Made Easy book. (Please do not assume that you can send siblings if you have only signed up one child.)
Students will be able to practice the organ as part of their lesson time.