Audio CDs - Stories, Activities and Examples to help motivate and empower music students, their parents & teachers!
Complete Set (3 CDs)  Retail $74.85   UMTA Conference Special $49

Complete Set $49.00

Students Guide to Thriving on the Music Lesson Rollercoaster includes: Specific tools to help them overcome obstacles to achieving their goals. Stories, activities and examples to inspire today's music student.  Retail $24.95   UMTA Special $19.99

Parent's Guide addresses the questions:  Why should my child learn an instrument?  What is the role of parents in their child's music education?  Also, tips for getting the most out of music lessons.  Retail $24.95    UMTA Special $19.99

Teacher's Guide - Add value to your studio. Empower and Motivate your students.  Teaching tips and tools to help your students achieve their goals.  Retail $24.95    UMTA Special $19.99

Music Camp Manual - 4 one-hour sessions with activities that will inspire, motivate and empower your students.  They will discover what makes them tick, how to battle negative thoughts, improve their results and Thrive on their Music Lesson Rollercoaster! Retail $34.95   UMTA Special $27.96

Special Bundle Price - All 3 CDs, Flashcards (11 sets),Theory Strips (10 books) and Rollercoaster Camp Manual $219.94 
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